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How Do Gutters Affect Your Home Value?

Gutters add a finished look and value to your home.When people think of ways to improve the market value of their home, usually the first things they consider are the "sexy" projects, like kitchen remodels, jetted bathroom tubs and new decks.

But as it turns out, a clean, working set of gutters can have a big impact on the value of your home as well.

Undeniably, your home's "curb appeal" has a big effect how people perceive its value. You might have the most beautiful kitchen cabinets and fancy stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, but if the outside of your house looks unkept, a prospective buyer may never bother to look inside.

A clean, maintained gutter system adds a finished look to your home. This also shows prospective buyers that you take the time to maintain your property and do preventive maintenance. Even if you're not on the market right now to sell your home, you are contributing to the overall value of homes in your neighborhood by keeping your gutters and the rest of the exterior of your home maintained and in good repair.

Just as important is the effect gutters have on critical components of your home, like windows, exterior paint and the foundation. In a wet climate like ours, lack of a working gutter system can cause unnecessary wear on paint. Rain can also compromise the joints in your siding. And excessive water around your home can damage its foundation, causing very costly repairs. These are all issues that typically show up during whole house inspections during the sale process, requiring expensive fixes before a home loan will be approved by a lender. They can literally make or break a sale.

To add extra value, consider a gutter cover system like our Debris Shield system. It not only dramatically cuts down on your cost of gutter maintenance, it also is a selling feature for your home. One of the factors buyers consider when purchasing a home are maintenance costs. Having a low-maintenance home exterior will ultimately save a prospective buyer money.

While it's not typically the first thing a home owner thinks about when trying to improve home value, gutters can make a big difference. Capitol Gutter offers free gutter inspections throughout South Puget Sound, including Thurston, Mason and Grays Harbor counties, so there really is no reason for you to leave this to chance.  Give us a call or contact us online today.

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You're a Busy Person: Save Time on Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend doing different activities during the day?  With all of the things going on in our lives -- work, kids, family, hobbies, extracurricular activities -- it seems like we are busier than ever.  

The Bureau of Labor Statistics actually keeps numbers on time use for different segments of society.  Here is a chart showing how the average American, employed, between the ages of 25 to 54, with children, spends their time:

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Retaining Water from Your Downspout

irrigation-barrelRainwater collection system using off the shelf parts.  Click here for original Pinterest photo. Here is a cool idea we saw on Pinterest.  This nifty setup captures rainwater from a downspout into a water barrel made form a plastic garbage can so that it can be used for irrigation.  This might work a little better in climates where there is more rain in the summer months, but with all the rain we receive 8 months of the year, why not retain some of that water for irrigation.  

This idea caught my eye because it uses off the shelf parts, and also uses the weight of the water itself to create pressure in the hose.  It's kind of like a mini water tower.  As long as the water barrel is higher than the surrounding area, this would work just fine.

The original Pinterest post and picture is located here.

Do you use a rain collection system to water your property? Let us know.  We'd like to hear from you.

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Apartment Building Gutter Repair

Gutters repaired like new in apartment building.Gutters repaired like new on apartment building. Click photo to view at larger size.As a landlord or building manager, we know it can be frustrating when a tenant causes damage to your property.  Here's an example where a tenant inadvertently backed into the gutters on a rental unit with a moving van when they were moving in.  We were able to remove the damaged parts of the gutter system and replace with them with new components.  As you can see from the "after" image, the result is just like new -- you can't even tell there was a repair done.  We were able to handle the repairs without the landlord being on site, saving him time during his busy workday.

These are gutters that we installed previously, but we can also repair gutters that other companies have installed.  We offer gutter repair services throughout South Puget Sound, including the greater Olympia and Tacoma area.

Whether it's a broken downspout or a gutter that isn't draining properly, we can fix it for you.  If you're busy during the day, that's okay.  We are happy to inspect the problem while you are away and then contact you with a free estimate for repairs.  Once you approve the repair, we can come back and fix the problem while you are away as well.

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Debris Shield Keeps Gutters Clean

Debris Shield system installedWe installed this Debris Shield system on this Olympia home. No more pine needles and debris!The environment in the Puget Sound area is particularly hard on gutters.  Many people here live in wooded areas, and we have lots of coniferous trees, like pine and fir trees.  These fill up gutters with pine needles, which are particularly difficult to clean.  With the large amounts of rain we get in the winter months, both tree leaves and pine needs get packed into gutters and turn into a mucky mess.  All that biomass not only clogs gutter systems, but weighs down the gutters and can cause them to fail. 

We can certainly help solve this problem with regular gutter cleaning.  Our crew has all the right tools to take care of the job quickly and cleanly.  However, if you'd like a more permanent solution, then look at a gutter screen system, like the Debris Shield systems we feature and install.

A Debris Shield system is a simple, effective screen designed to fit right into your gutters.  The screens prevent all solid debris, like leaves, pine needles and branches, from getting into your gutters, allowing rain water to filter through.  Our gutter screens virtually eliminate the need to have your gutters cleaned.  

While no system is 100% effective, in our experience, Debris Shield is one of the most effective systems on the market.  One we install a Debris Shield system on gutters, the homeowner rarely has to have their gutters cleaned, if at all.  It's also less complicated and a lot less expensive than many competing systems on the market.

We can install a Debris Shield system on both new and existing gutter systems.  So whether we are replacing your gutters, or you have existing gutters installed by someone else, we can add the gutter screen system to improve the function of your gutter system and cut down on long-term maintenance costs.

Give us a call or contact us through our website for a free estimate on a Debris Shield system.


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