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Gutters Aren't Just for Houses

Gutters are just as important for your out building, garage or shed.When most people think about gutters, they think about installing them on their home.  After all, keeping roof drainage away from the foundation of your house is what gutters are for, right?

However, in a rainy, Northwest climate like the Olympia area and South Puget Sound, it's also important to remember the other structures on your property.

If you have a free-standing garage or an outbuilding or shed, consider installing gutters on those structures as well.  Aside from the obviously annoyance of stepping out of your car into a waterfall, it's just as important to protect the concrete slab on which your structure is built.  Allowing water to pool up around the outside of any building may eventually damage the foundation or floor, eroding the soil underneath and and encouraging uneven settling and cracks.

There is also an aesthetic element to consider.  If you are replacing the gutters on your home, adding matching gutters to all your structures improves the look of your property and increases property value.

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Why We Stay Small: Capitol Gutter's Commitment to Customer Service

At Capitol Gutter, customer service is our most important asset.

Since we started Capitol Gutter in 2010, our company has continued to grow (thanks to our wonderful customers!).  In fact, we probably could grow much larger if we brought on outside staff, hired subcontractors, and invested in higher profile advertising.

But that's not the way we want to do business.

Darla and I started Capitol Gutter because we wanted to provide the best gutter and roof services with the highest level of integrity and customer service throughout Olympia, Tacoma and South Puget Sound.

As a result, we have purposely decided to stay small.  Our company is family owned and operated.  We do not use subcontractors, and we are not a franchise.  When you call Capitol Gutter for an estimate or service, you can expect the best possible customer experience because you are dealing with the people that run the company.  Because we do everything in house, we don't have any red tape.  We can get estimates and jobs scheduled and completed more quickly.

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All Gutter Guard Systems Are Not Created Equal

Gutter systems in Western Washington and the Pacific Northwest are subject to a great deal of debris.  Between the large amount of rain we get in the winter and the pine needles and other debris from our heavily treed environment, it's no wonder we see so much muck and buildup in gutters here.

One solution to cut down on the amount of maintenance needed and to improve the function of gutters is to add a gutter guard system.  You've probably seen a number of them advertised on TV, in newspapers, and probably flyers mailed to your home.  But which ones work the best?

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Clean Your Roof for Mother's Day!

Roof cleaning for Mother's DaySo here's a novel idea for Mother's Day... Why not have your roof and gutters cleaned? Think of how happy Mom will be when she comes home to a sparkling clean house free of moss and pine needles.  While you're at it, get your kids to mow the lawn and make the yard look all fresh and clean for spring.  The winter weather in the Olympia area can leave your house really grungy, so giving your house a good exterior spring cleaning will really brighten her day.

Okay, okay... maybe this isn't exactly what Mom is expecting for Mother's Day, but you could make it part of a package deal.  While Mom is away from the house, have us clean the roof and gutters while you clean the yard (or we're happy to recommend a good landscaper.  Then vacuum the house and make her a nice dinner with flowers on the table.

I'll do this for my wife Darla and I'll let you know how it goes!

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What's On Your Honey Do List?

Ah yes... springtime!Well, it's that time of year again.  Hard to tell from the weather here in the Olympia area the past few days, but it's actually springtime.  That means gradually warming temperatures, bulbs germinating, grass (and weeds and moss) starting to grow, and occasionally even seeing that big orange disc in the sky.

It also means it's time to put together your "honey-do" list for the spring to bring the exterior of your house back into condition after the cold, dark, wet winter.

In case your having a hard time getting your list started, here are a few items on our list to jog your memory:

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