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Using Gutters As A Flowerbox Is Not Acceptable

Commercial gutters in serious need of cleaning. Is this a gutter or a flower box?

At Capitol Gutter, this is unfortunately a scene we come across all too often: a commercial gutter system that has been neglected for so long that it has turned into a virtual weed garden.  

Don't let your gutter system get like this... have Capitol Gutter keep your commercial gutter system clean and functioning properly with regular cleanings.  It will not only assure that your gutters function properly, but also protect your investment in your building and surroundings.

Keeping your commercial gutters clean is more than just about aesthetics.  Sure, your building will look more appealing without a garden growing out of your roof. Debris can also keep rainwater from draining properly.  During the wet, winter months, the gutters can overflow, or worse, fail from the excess weight.

Give us a call at Capitol Gutter today and we can keep your gutters clean and flowing properly.  And keep your flowerbox on the ground in front of your building where it belongs!

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Pressure Washing Is Bad for Your Roof

One area of debate with roof cleaning is the use of pressure washers to remove debris.  There are many roof cleaning companies out there that use pressure washing because it's a fast way to loosen moss and dirt build-up with less manual labor.

While roofs are designed to shed water, they are not designed for the high-intensity blast of fine water spray from a pressure washer.  Gas-powered pressure washers are particularly bad because they produce a higher-pressure output.  Pressure washing can damage both tile and shake roofs and cause unnecessary wear and tear.  Water can also be forced under tiles and joints and compromise the roof, causing leaks.  Pressure washing can also cause tabbed roof tiles to not sit down property, which leaves pockets for mold, fungus and moss to grow more readily. 

At Capitol Gutter, we NEVER use pressure washers.  We always carefully clean your roof by hand.  We value your investment in your home and treat your roof just like we would treat our own.

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Moss Build-Up on Roofs Common in Thurston County

Moss build-up and removal on Thurston County homeThurston County, and South Puget Sound in general, are one of the most beautiful places in the country to live because of the lush, green forests.  However, one of the side-effects that homeowners have to deal with is moss buildup on their roofs.  The cool, damp winters and shade from our thick forests are an ideal environment for moss to grow.

Here's an example of a roof on a Thurston County.  It's hard to see in the Before picture, but the roof was actually in very good condition and just needed a good cleaning.

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Inspect Your Gutter System for Leaks and Overflow

Ed Steffen, Owner of Capitol GutterThis weekend, we are getting our first significant rain for the coming winter season. It's really something how it can be 75 degrees and sunny for weeks, and the weather just turns on a dime and it becomes the rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest.

Now that the rainy season has started, your home gutter system is getting its first test for the fall. Make sure to take a few minutes to visually inspect your gutter system and check for the following:

Leaks - Are there areas that are dripping down against the foundation of your house? Make sure to pay particular attention to joints and corners. They are sealed with caulk and this caulking can fail over time.

  • Overflowing - Water should not be accumulating in your gutters. It should flow freely. If you see water overflowing anywhere in your gutter system, there is a blockage somewhere that needs to be removed.
  • Downspouts - If it's raining and your downspouts aren't releasing any water, there is blockage or leaking somewhere in your gutter system.

If you suspect something is wrong with your gutter system, give Capitol Gutter a call. We are happy to make a free inspection and evaluation of your gutter system and give you a free estimate for repairs.

Don't let the winter go by with a failing gutter system. Contact us today!

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