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  • Continuous Gutters - No Runs, No Drips, No Errors

    Ed Steffen in his favorite Red Sox cap.Ed Steffen in his favorite Red Sox cap.Our owner, Ed Steffen, is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. He's never been to Boston, but just loves the team. You'll usually find him wearing his Red Sox cap. Funny how the Red Sox Nation captures people's attention. He's pretty keen on the Seattle Mariners, too.

    So baseball references and metaphors are not lost on us. Working with gutters, our goal is to provide the best defense possible -- "no runs, no drips, no errors."

    There are some situations where the best course of action with a gutter installation is to create a continuous gutter system, carrying the water around the entire roof structure. This makes sense, for example, if the side area or backyard has drainage issues. We want prevent water from draining from the roof into that area and move it away from the home or commercial stucture.

    The first example here is a residential installation. Because of the overhang, rather than create three, separate gutters and drainspouts, we created one, continous gutter that drains down to one downspout. 

    The second example is a deck overhang that was

  • Gutters Aren't Just for Houses

    Gutters are just as important for your out building, garage or shed.When most people think about gutters, they think about installing them on their home.  After all, keeping roof drainage away from the foundation of your house is what gutters are for, right?

    However, in a rainy, Northwest climate like the Olympia area and South Puget Sound, it's also important to remember the other structures on your property.

    If you have a free-standing garage or an outbuilding or shed, consider installing gutters on those structures as well.  Aside from the obviously annoyance of stepping out of your car into a waterfall, it's just as important to protect the concrete slab on which your structure is built.  Allowing water to pool up around the outside of any building may eventually damage the foundation or floor, eroding the soil underneath and and encouraging uneven settling and cracks.

    There is also an aesthetic element to consider.  If you are replacing the gutters on your home, adding matching gutters to all your structures improves the look of your property and increases property value.

  • Unusual Gutter Installations: Carrying Water Away from a Low Area

    We installed this long downspout to carry water away from a poorly installed gutter system that was creating flooding at the rear entrance to this church.We installed this long downspout to carry water away from a poorly installed gutter system that was creating flooding at the rear entrance to this church.At Capitol Gutter, we handle all sorts of gutter installations, from full, new gutter replacement to addition of gutter systems for specific applications. Occasionally we run into unusual situations, like this one at Capital Vision Christian Church, where our goal is to adapt an existing, working gutter system to resolve flooding and overflow issues. 

    The church had an area along the back of their building that, due to the junction of two roof structures, would overflow and flood the ground. Because of the incorrect slope of the existing gutters, water would flow backwards into the corner, rather than away

  • Using Gutters As A Flowerbox Is Not Acceptable

    Commercial gutters in serious need of cleaning. Is this a gutter or a flower box?

    At Capitol Gutter, this is unfortunately a scene we come across all too often: a commercial gutter system that has been neglected for so long that it has turned into a virtual weed garden.  

    Don't let your gutter system get like this... have Capitol Gutter keep your commercial gutter system clean and functioning properly with regular cleanings.  It will not only assure that your gutters function properly, but also protect your investment in your building and surroundings.

    Keeping your commercial gutters clean is more than just about aesthetics.  Sure, your building will look more appealing without a garden growing out of your roof. Debris can also keep rainwater from draining properly.  During the wet, winter months, the gutters can overflow, or worse, fail from the excess weight.

    Give us a call at Capitol Gutter today and we can keep your gutters clean and flowing properly.  And keep your flowerbox on the ground in front of your building where it belongs!

  • Watch Water Travel at the Children's Museum

    Downspout system donated to the Hands on Children's Museum in Olympia. Click the image for a larger view.Downspout system donated to the Hands on Children's Museum in Olympia. Click the image for a larger view.Here is a little job we did as a donation for the Hands on Children's Museum in Olympia. They needed to carry water away from the street and into a collection area in their outdoor park. This is a fun little project because we not only solved their drainage problem, but the kids can see how water flows. The outdoor gardens around the museum building have water features so this little gutter system fits right in.

    If you have an outbuilding, like a shed or detached garage, it's important to install a gutter system, just like it is for your house, to provide proper drainage and prevent ground erosion and damage to the foundation or concrete slab. ...

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