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  • All Gutter Guard Systems Are Not Created Equal

    Gutter systems in Western Washington and the Pacific Northwest are subject to a great deal of debris.  Between the large amount of rain we get in the winter and the pine needles and other debris from our heavily treed environment, it's no wonder we see so much muck and buildup in gutters here.

    One solution to cut down on the amount of maintenance needed and to improve the function of gutters is to add a gutter guard system.  You've probably seen a number of them advertised on TV, in newspapers, and probably flyers mailed to your home.  But which ones work the best?

  • Debris Shield Keeps Gutters Clean

    Debris Shield system installedWe installed this Debris Shield system on this Olympia home. No more pine needles and debris!The environment in the Puget Sound area is particularly hard on gutters.  Many people here live in wooded areas, and we have lots of coniferous trees, like pine and fir trees.  These fill up gutters with pine needles, which are particularly difficult to clean.  With the large amounts of rain we get in the winter months, both tree leaves and pine needs get packed into gutters and turn into a mucky mess.  All that biomass not only clogs gutter systems, but weighs down the gutters and can cause them to fail. 

    We can certainly help solve this problem with regular gutter cleaning.  Our crew has all the right tools to take care of the job quickly and cleanly.  However, if you'd like a more permanent solution, then look at a gutter screen system, like the Debris Shield systems we feature and install.

    A Debris Shield system is a simple, effective screen designed to fit right into your gutters.  The screens prevent all solid debris, like leaves, pine needles and branches, from getting into your gutters, allowing rain water


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