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  • Affordable Idea for Manufactured Homes and Ramblers

    Gutters installed on the eve of this manufactured home draw water away from the entrance.Gutters installed on the eve of this manufactured home draw water away from the entrance.  Click on picture for larger view.

    Here's a solution we tried for a manufactured home. The entrance to this house does not have a covered entry for the front door, which can be really messy in the wintertime. Rather than spend a lot of money building an entryway, we fashioned gutters to carry the water away by installing them on the eve. While it's not as weatherproof as a full entry, it keeps water from pooling into a muddy mess in front of the door, and it was quick and inexpensive to do.

    If you have a manufactured home or a rambler without a covered entry, this just might be an affordable solution for you. We can use this technique when installing a new gutter system, or modify and existing gutter installation.

    What do you think of this idea? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Capitol Gutter Is The Cure for Junkophopia

    Junkophobia is a common condition suffered by homeowners when they hire a contractor. What is it? It's the fear associated with contractors not cleaning up after themselves when they finish a job. We're talking about the sawdust and staples left behind by a handyman. The sticks and rocks left behind the house by a landscaper. And the dirt, leaves and other debris left behind after cleaning a roof and gutters.

    We're not saying that all contractors do this. There are many that are neat and tidy and do a thorough job cleaning up after themselves. But the last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on roof and gutter cleaning and be left with filth strewn all over your yard. It's not only unsightly, but it's also dangerous because roof debris can include things like nails and staples that roofers left behind or became dislodged from your roof. Gutter removal and installation also can leave behind metal fasteners that can cause havoc if you run over them with a lawnmower, or worse, if a child steps on one.

    At Capitol Gutter, we pride ourselves on our "no junk" policy. We will always clean up after ourselves and leave your property in better condition than when we arrived. After your roof and gutter cleaning, or gutter installation, we will clean up everything that reaches the ground. Since we only hand-clean roofs and never pressure wash (which is bad for your roof, by the way), we generally don't make a big mess to begin with. But we will make

  • Copper Gutter Installation on Tenino Stable

    Copper gutter installation in Tenino.

    We honestly don't have a huge call for copper gutter installation because it is pricier than aluminum gutters, but once in a while we have a customer that is after a specific look and is willing to spend the money for the aesthetics.

    This Tenino customer has a beautiful stable and wanted to accent it with copper gutters. You can see some of the installation pictures in the gallery below.

    Copper gutters are more expensive for a number of reasons. Aside from the material being costlier, copper gutters are not seamless and require soldering to assemble. This means they are more labor intensive to install.

    Aside from their unique appearance, copper gutters are more durable than aluminum. They also assume a natural patina finish over time as they are exposed to the weather, giving them a one-of-a-kind look -- no two sets of copper gutters are alike.

    Take a look at the photos below and let us know what you think. If you're after a unique look for your home, this just might be the ticket. We're happy to give you a free estimate and compare the cost of copper gutters to aluminum for your gutter installation project.

  • Downspout Puzzle - Aestheics vs. Function

    This downspout required two elbow joints to run down and meet with the deck support post. This downspout required two elbow joints to run down and meet with the deck support post.Sometimes we get thrown for a loop with an unusual gutter situation and have to come up with a unique solution. Here's an Olympia downspout installation that required a compromise between aethetics and functionality.

    The gutter above this covered deck needed a downspout, but we didn't want to drop the downspout where it would obstruct the view. While we could run the downspout behind the support post for the roof, the support for the deck below did not line up. We knew that if we ran the downspout straight to the ground it would be unsupported and like to be accidentally bumped loose. So we built an elbow joint to run the downpout over to the support post and down to the ground.

    You might wonder why we didn't create a right angle, rather than a diagonal slope. In order for water and debris to drain properly, there needs to be a slope. Again,

  • Drain System Idea for Downspout Run-Off

    We spotted this idea on Pinterestand thought it would be good to share. This concrete gully carries water from the gutter downspout away from the home, providing a durable alternative to a long, aluminum gutter extension.This concrete gully carries water from the gutter downspout away from the home, providing a durable alternative to a long, aluminum gutter extension. (original photo link)

    We install gutter systems for homes, including downspouts, throughout South Puget Sound and the Olympia area, but there are limitations with downspout extensions to carry water farther away from a home. Most notably, if we install a long aluminum extension, it is prone to being damaged by being accidentally stepped on, hit with a lawn mower, or even snowed on. It also doesn't blend into landscaping very well.

    Rather than use a long downspout extension, an alternative is to build a small gully to carry the water away. This can be done using off-the-shelf parts from a home improvement store,

  • Garage Overhang Problem Solved

    Gutter installed over garage door to prevent rain from leeching into the garage.Gutter installed over garage door to prevent rain from leaching into the garage.The vast majority of gutter installations we do in the Olympia area are traditional gutters attached to the overhang of a roof. However, we can think outside the box and come up with solutions for unusual situations.

    The garage in this multi-family apartment building frequently got wet during the rainy season because, being so high up, the overhang did not reach far enough beyond the building.  So every time there was a hard rain, water would cascade down the side of the building and leach into the garage.

    After the building owner installed a painted 2x4 as a base, we installed a gutter and downspout above the garage door to catch the rain and carry it safely away from the entrance.

    Capitol Gutter installs gutter systems on all kinds of structures, from residential homes and apartment buildings to commercial offices and industrial sites. Whatever your needs, please

  • Gutter Color Transition To Match House

    Capitol Gutter can install gutters with different colors to match different parts of a house, like this olive green home with white trim.Capitol Gutter can install gutters with different colors to match different parts of a house, like this olive green home with white trim.Capitol Gutter can install gutters with different colors to match different parts of a house, like this olive green home with white trim. Here's an option we can provide that offers a slightly different look for a gutter installation. Most times, people will use a single gutter color, either to match the color of their home's exterior or the color of the trim. But it's also possible to do both by using two different colors of gutters.

    In this example, the home is an olive green, but the trim is white. To complement the trim, the customer chose white gutters. However, they wanted the downspouts to blend in. To accomplish this, we

  • Gutters Aren't Just for Houses

    Gutters are just as important for your out building, garage or shed.When most people think about gutters, they think about installing them on their home.  After all, keeping roof drainage away from the foundation of your house is what gutters are for, right?

    However, in a rainy, Northwest climate like the Olympia area and South Puget Sound, it's also important to remember the other structures on your property.

    If you have a free-standing garage or an outbuilding or shed, consider installing gutters on those structures as well.  Aside from the obviously annoyance of stepping out of your car into a waterfall, it's just as important to protect the concrete slab on which your structure is built.  Allowing water to pool up around the outside of any building may eventually damage the foundation or floor, eroding the soil underneath and and encouraging uneven settling and cracks.

    There is also an aesthetic element to consider.  If you are replacing the gutters on your home, adding matching gutters to all your structures improves the look of your property and increases property value.

  • Raised Eve Requires a Unique, Dual Downspout Gutter Solution

    We created this dual gutter system with merged downspouts for this unique roofline.We created this dual gutter system with merged downspouts for this unique roofline.We can handle just about any kind of unusual gutter scenario you can throw at us. Here's a home with an oddly placed window and an eve very close to the edge of the front wall.

    Becuase of the odd shape of the roof, rainwater was being funneled down right on top of the cars in front of the garage.

    If you look closely (sorry the picture is a little blurry), you'll see how we solved this unique situation. We placed gutters on both sides of the window, added downspouts to both, and joined the downspouts together to carry water to the edge of house and off of the driveway.

    We love challenges like these. They're like big water puzzles and the reward is a happy customer!

    Whether you have a simple, straightforward job or something that's a real head-scratcher, we'll install the gutters and find a professional solution that works.

  • September 2015 Update: We Are Swamped!

    Ed Steffen, owner of Capitol GutterChange in Seasons Brings a Change in Our Services

    It's almost fall. The nights are getting a bit nippy and trees are showing a tinge of color. The Seahawks have played their first game of the season (they'll do better next week against the Packers!) and the days are getting noticeably shorter.

    Of course, that means the leaves will be falling and the inevitable winter rainy season is soon to follow. For us, that means many, many previous customers calling to prepare their roofs and gutters for winter with a fall cleaning.

    While roof and gutter cleaning is a big part of our business, so is our commitment to remaining a small, family-owned and operated business. We are fanatical about customer service and quality of workmanship, and from day one we decided we want to keep our business in the family.

    Quite frankly, we are swamped. We have cleaning appointments scheduled many weeks in advance and we do not want to overcommit or underperform, because quality and customer experience are everything to us.

  • Tricky Gazebo Downspout

    Custom-designed downspout for gazebo. Click the photo for larger view.Custom-designed downspout for gazebo. Click the photo for larger view.Here's another one of those tricky situations where we had to create a customized downspout. This gazebo near Tenino needed gutters because when it rained, the run-off was splashing inside the covered area. It was also eroding the soil and over time could have damaged the concrete slab.

    Since there are no walls like on a house, we needed to attach the downspouts to the support beams. However, as you can see in the picture, the support beams do not have any open sides where we could directly run a gutter down to the ground.

    Our solution was to create custom elbow joints to wrap around one of the cross beams. We chose this location because the downspouts would be better protects and less likely to be damaged than if we'd run them along the outside profile of the support beams. We also didn't want to cover up the metal brackets that hold the structure together, so was just as much

  • What It Means To Be Family Owned

    Ed Steffen, Owner of Capitol GutterCapitol Gutter is a family-owned and operated business.  We feel this is something that really sets us apart from many of our competitors.

    But what does this mean for you as a customer?

    When we say family-owned and operated, this is not just lip service.  We don't use subcontractors.  We don't use temporary employees.  When we show up at the job site, you'll be dealing with either Ed, Jeremy or Kyle.

    And this goes for ALL our jobs, no matter how small.  Whether you need a full gutter replacement, gutter cleaning, or even just a free estimate, you're be dealing with one of the family.

    Sure, we could probably grow bigger by taking on outside help, but we are passionate about doing our jobs right with a personal touch.  The best way to know how to do that is to keep it in the family.

    When you hire Capitol Gutter, you're supporting a local business and keeping 100% of your dollars in the local economy.  We try to do the same and work with other local contractors in Olympia, Tenino and the surrounding area.

  • Why We Stay Small: Capitol Gutter's Commitment to Customer Service

    At Capitol Gutter, customer service is our most important asset.

    Since we started Capitol Gutter in 2010, our company has continued to grow (thanks to our wonderful customers!).  In fact, we probably could grow much larger if we brought on outside staff, hired subcontractors, and invested in higher profile advertising.

    But that's not the way we want to do business.

    Darla and I started Capitol Gutter because we wanted to provide the best gutter and roof services with the highest level of integrity and customer service throughout Olympia, Tacoma and South Puget Sound.

    As a result, we have purposely decided to stay small.  Our company is family owned and operated.  We do not use subcontractors, and we are not a franchise.  When you call Capitol Gutter for an estimate or service, you can expect the best possible customer experience because you are dealing with the people that run the company.  Because we do everything in house, we don't have any red tape.  We can get estimates and jobs scheduled and completed more quickly.

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