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  • Apartment Building Gutter Repair

    Gutters repaired like new in apartment building.Gutters repaired like new on apartment building. Click photo to view at larger size.As a landlord or building manager, we know it can be frustrating when a tenant causes damage to your property.  Here's an example where a tenant inadvertently backed into the gutters on a rental unit with a moving van when they were moving in.  We were able to remove the damaged parts of the gutter system and replace with them with new components.  As you can see from the "after" image, the result is just like new -- you can't even tell there was a repair done.  We were able to handle the repairs without the landlord being on site, saving him time during his busy workday.

    These are gutters that we installed previously, but we can also repair gutters that other companies have installed.  We offer gutter repair services throughout South Puget Sound, including the greater Olympia and Tacoma area.

    Whether it's a broken downspout or a gutter that isn't draining properly, we can fix it for you.

  • Gutters Add Curb Appeal, Market Value to your Home

    New gutters add value, curb appeal and protection for this Olympia property.New gutters add value, curb appeal and protection for this Olympia property.Gutters are not exactly the most glamorous home improvement project, but they are one of the most practical upgrades you can do to maintain the value of your home.

    Gutters in a rainy climate are not just recommended -- they are a necessity. Not only will they keep water from pouring down off of your roof on to you, they will also protect your home from potential water damage. And since working gutters are expected in this climate, they will also increase your home's value.

    When a prospective buyer visits your home, the first thing they do is look at the condition of your yard and the exterior of your home. A poorly maintained home exterior can turn off a buyer even before they set foot inside. If fact, with so many home buyers out there canvassing neighborhoods on their own, they may exclude a house from those they

  • Why We Stay Small: Capitol Gutter's Commitment to Customer Service

    At Capitol Gutter, customer service is our most important asset.

    Since we started Capitol Gutter in 2010, our company has continued to grow (thanks to our wonderful customers!).  In fact, we probably could grow much larger if we brought on outside staff, hired subcontractors, and invested in higher profile advertising.

    But that's not the way we want to do business.

    Darla and I started Capitol Gutter because we wanted to provide the best gutter and roof services with the highest level of integrity and customer service throughout Olympia, Tacoma and South Puget Sound.

    As a result, we have purposely decided to stay small.  Our company is family owned and operated.  We do not use subcontractors, and we are not a franchise.  When you call Capitol Gutter for an estimate or service, you can expect the best possible customer experience because you are dealing with the people that run the company.  Because we do everything in house, we don't have any red tape.  We can get estimates and jobs scheduled and completed more quickly.

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