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  • Gutters Add Curb Appeal, Market Value to your Home

    New gutters add value, curb appeal and protection for this Olympia property.New gutters add value, curb appeal and protection for this Olympia property.Gutters are not exactly the most glamorous home improvement project, but they are one of the most practical upgrades you can do to maintain the value of your home.

    Gutters in a rainy climate are not just recommended -- they are a necessity. Not only will they keep water from pouring down off of your roof on to you, they will also protect your home from potential water damage. And since working gutters are expected in this climate, they will also increase your home's value.

    When a prospective buyer visits your home, the first thing they do is look at the condition of your yard and the exterior of your home. A poorly maintained home exterior can turn off a buyer even before they set foot inside. If fact, with so many home buyers out there canvassing neighborhoods on their own, they may exclude a house from those they

  • How Do Gutters Affect Your Home Value?

    Gutters add a finished look and value to your home.When people think of ways to improve the market value of their home, usually the first things they consider are the "sexy" projects, like kitchen remodels, jetted bathroom tubs and new decks.

    But as it turns out, a clean, working set of gutters can have a big impact on the value of your home as well.

    Undeniably, your home's "curb appeal" has a big effect how people perceive its value. You might have the most beautiful kitchen cabinets and fancy stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, but if the outside of your house looks unkept, a prospective buyer may never bother to look inside.

    A clean, maintained gutter system adds a finished look to your home. This also shows prospective buyers that you take the time to maintain your property and do preventive maintenance. Even if you're not on the market right now to sell your home, you are contributing to the overall value of homes in your neighborhood by keeping your gutters and the rest of the exterior of your home maintained and in good repair.

    Just as important is the effect gutters have on critical components of your home, like windows, exterior paint and the foundation. In a wet climate like ours, lack of a working gutter system can cause unnecessary wear on paint. Rain can also compromise the joints in your siding. And

  • Maintain Storm Drains To Protect Your Home and Neighborhood

    Clogged storm drains cause street flooding, damaging roads and increasing rainwater pollution.  Photo courtesy Scott Schiller storm drains cause street flooding, damaging roads and increasing rainwater pollution. Photo courtesy Scott Schiller.If you live within the city limits, you probably have a storm drain on your street. Most people don't givethese much thought until they accidentally drop their keys in one. It's important to understand how storm drains function and why it's so important that you help maintain the ones in your neighborhood.

    The purpose of storm drains is to collect run-off water from irrigation and rain and carry it away underground. This prevents street flooding and hazardous driving conditions.

    It's critical to understand that storm drains do not lead to waste treatment plants like sewers do. They carry water directly to bodies of water. In the Olympia area, storm drains empty directly into Puget Sound. Please keep this in mind and never empty other liquids into them. Storm


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