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  • Maintain Storm Drains To Protect Your Home and Neighborhood

    Clogged storm drains cause street flooding, damaging roads and increasing rainwater pollution.  Photo courtesy Scott Schiller storm drains cause street flooding, damaging roads and increasing rainwater pollution. Photo courtesy Scott Schiller.If you live within the city limits, you probably have a storm drain on your street. Most people don't givethese much thought until they accidentally drop their keys in one. It's important to understand how storm drains function and why it's so important that you help maintain the ones in your neighborhood.

    The purpose of storm drains is to collect run-off water from irrigation and rain and carry it away underground. This prevents street flooding and hazardous driving conditions.

    It's critical to understand that storm drains do not lead to waste treatment plants like sewers do. They carry water directly to bodies of water. In the Olympia area, storm drains empty directly into Puget Sound. Please keep this in mind and never empty other liquids into them. Storm

  • What's On Your Honey Do List?

    Ah yes... springtime!Well, it's that time of year again.  Hard to tell from the weather here in the Olympia area the past few days, but it's actually springtime.  That means gradually warming temperatures, bulbs germinating, grass (and weeds and moss) starting to grow, and occasionally even seeing that big orange disc in the sky.

    It also means it's time to put together your "honey-do" list for the spring to bring the exterior of your house back into condition after the cold, dark, wet winter.

    In case your having a hard time getting your list started, here are a few items on our list to jog your memory:

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