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  • Capitol Gutter installed this downspout to carry water away from this deck to prevent flooding and foundation problems.Capitol Gutter installed this downspout to carry water away from this deck to prevent flooding and foundation problems.With our wet, rainy season in the winter months in South Puget Sound, homeowners sometimes discover roof drainage problems that can not just become an inconvenience, but can actually cause damage to the home.

    This local homeowner had a two-fold problem. The deck on this home is built on a platform so that it would be accessible from the main level of the home. This is a fairly common design in our landscape because many homes are built in hilly areas.  When it rained, runoff from the roof would overflow onto the deck, making it difficult to enter and exit the home, and also causing water to permeate the soil next to the foundation. Over time, this could cause foundation

  • Gutter installed over garage door to prevent rain from leeching into the garage.Gutter installed over garage door to prevent rain from leaching into the garage.The vast majority of gutter installations we do in the Olympia area are traditional gutters attached to the overhang of a roof. However, we can think outside the box and come up with solutions for unusual situations.

    The garage in this multi-family apartment building frequently got wet during the rainy season because, being so high up, the overhang did not reach far enough beyond the building.  So every time there was a hard rain, water would cascade down the side of the building and leach into the garage.

    After the building owner installed a painted 2x4 as a base, we installed a gutter and downspout above the garage door to catch the rain and carry it safely away from the entrance.

    Capitol Gutter installs gutter systems on all kinds of structures, from residential homes and apartment buildings to commercial offices and industrial sites. Whatever your needs, please


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