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  1. Do I have a choice of colors?
    Yes, we have 30 colors to choose from. 
  2. Do you carry seamless gutters?
    Yes, we have machines on our trucks to fabricate your gutters on site.
  3. How do you attach the gutters?
    We use hidden hangers and screws.
  4. Do you carry different styles of gutters?
    Yes, we have a 5" & 6" K-Line & high back 6" Fascia machines. 
  5. Do my gutters need to be cleaned?
    Yes, trees equal lots of debris that will accumulate in your gutters and block the downspouts. The extra weight of the debris will also cause the gutters to pull away from the fascia boards and cause water to climb/wick back up your roof.
  6. Do you have a leaf protection system/screen?
    Yes, we use a screen that keeps the bigger debris from getting through and blocking downspouts. You will still need to clean your gutters & roof on a regular basis.
  7. How much will gutters cost?
    The price will depend of the size of the house or building, how many corners and downspouts used. It may surprise you how inexpensive a gutter system will cost you. Please call for a free estimate. 
  8. Do I have to be home?
    No, as long as there is an available outside power source, fences are open to full access around your home and please lock up dogs. 
  9. How can I pay?
    We will mail you an invoice after completion. We accept checks, cash, Visa, Mastercard and American Express for payment.
  10. Will you take away old gutters?
    Yes, it is included in the cost of your new gutters.
  11. How long will it take?
    Installation can usually be done in a few hours depending on size of the house or building.
  12. Will bad weather prevent you from keeping your appointment time?
    We install on sunny, rainy, cold and mild windy days. Snow and high winds may prevent us from coming, but we will call to let you know.

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